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Health Screening 4 Life offers simple, painless and radiation-free life screening exams that can,


Hundreds of thousands of people die each year due to strokes, sudden cardiac death and other deadly diseases.  Many of these people showed no symptoms and never knew they were at risk…Our company promotes prevention & early detection. By actually seeing your cholesterol, measuring your organs and looking for abnormality’s, you will get a realistic view of where you stand. Seeing is believing! This is one situation where out of sight out of mind can be life altering or kill you.


Cardiovascular Disease (cvd) is the greatest health risk facing people today, it is the number 1 killer in the united states for both men and women.  80% of all strokes can be prevented..800,00 strokes occur each year and approx 144,000 of these people will die…. 35 to 40%  of those who die from heart attack and stroke had no symptoms prior to the event. Women are 10 times more likely to die from heart attacks than from breast cancer .


 A quick questionnaire that could save your life……..

Do you have a family history of heart disease are strokes?

Do you smoke or are you an ex-smoker?

Do you fail to exercise regularly?

Do you have high blood pressure?

Are you over 40 years of age?

Do you have high cholesterol?

Are you overweight, are you to thi

If you answered yes to any of these Questions you are at risk!

There are many heart disease risk factors that can be controlled by making changes in your lifestyle, you can actually reduce your risk for heart disease. Controllable risk factors include:

Answering yes to one of these questions is a clear sign you need to get on a path of preventive health care, with screenings now affordable for all, there is no reason to wait till you’r feeling- ill or laying in a hospital bed.

What Can I Do to Lower My Risk of Heart Disease?

With a clear look into your vascular system and organs you will be able to see the significance of your situation. Together we can help get you on a preventative health care path and keep an eye on the inner you to assist in a life of health and longevity.

Making changes in your lifestyle is a proven method for reducing your risk of heart disease. While there are no guarantees that a heart-healthy lifestyle will keep heart disease away it is proven to help, these changes will certainly improve your health in other ways, such as improving your physical and emotional well being. Also, because some risk factors are related to others, making changes in one area can benefit other areas.

Health Screenings 4 Life suggest non radiation screening several times per year due to the risk of certain cancer that can be terminal in months if not detected in the earliest stages.

For Individual or family alike we offer yearly screening packages, we want you to be as important as your vehicle, a tune up that may save your life!